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Read the latest advice about document management, workflow efficiency, how to get the most out of our solutions, and what’s going on behind the scenes at Trumpet.

What Can an Oreo Factory Teach RIA Firms About Filing?

This article was originally published January 26, 2015.

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What Can an Oreo Factory Teach RIA Firms About Filing?

How Operational Efficiency Can Be an a Differentiator for Your RIA

As an RIA, what makes your firm stand out among the rest? There’s a lot of competition and it’s increasing every day, so just being an independent...

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Has that document been scanned yet?

How many times has someone gone to your administrative staff asking that question? How many times has that key person been away from your desk when...

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Symphony Profiler - Make Reservations Directly from Worldox

Create a Symphony Reservation Directly from Worldox

We are excited to announce one of our latest enhancements for Symphony Profiler. Trumpet...

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Symphony Profiler - Save Time using Handheld Barcode Scanners

GREAT NEWS for firms doing large volumes of document scanning, Symphony Profiler now supports the use of handheld barcode scanners like the one seen...

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Symphony Profiler - Simplified Email Notification Configuration

Trumpet has made great strides to make the configuration process for Symphony Profiler’s email notification system easier and quicker. In our latest...

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How to protect yourself from recent Java vulnerabilities

Quick fix

For those who just want the fix, here's how to disable the Java web browser plugin: How to disable the Java browser plugin

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Check the status of Symphony Profiler from your workstation

If configured properly, you should be receiving Daily Status e-mails from Symphony Profiler. This is a great way of knowing which reservations are...

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New design for Symphony Profiler reservation dialog


Over the past couple of months, we’ve been watching users interact with the Symphony Profiler reservation dialog, plus evaluating input...

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"Another Similar" button coming to Symphony Profiler

We get a lot of requests from our Channel Partners and users about features that could be added to Symphony. One of the most popular requests was the...

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