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Check the status of Symphony Profiler from your workstation

If configured properly, you should be receiving Daily Status e-mails from Symphony Profiler. This is a great way of knowing which reservations are outstanding, and the general health and well-being of Symphony Profiler Processor. That being said, you may also wish to check the status of Symphony Profiler Processor at other times throughout the day, without having to log into the Indexer workstation.

We have made this much easier by allowing you to check on the status of the Profiler Processor from your desktop. In the latest build of Symphony Profiler, you can simply right-click on the Symphony Profiler icon on your desktop and choose “Show Processor Status”. This will open a web browser that includes the same useful content as you would see in the Daily Status e-mails:

This update is free to current Symphony Profiler users. If you are interested in this update, please send an email to support@trumpetinc.com and we will provide you with update instructions.

For more information regarding the Symphony Profiler Status, http://support.trumpetinc.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=969

For more information on the Daily Status Emails, http://support.trumpetinc.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=196


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