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The Efficiency Beat

Read the latest advice about document management, workflow efficiency, how to get the most out of our solutions, and what’s going on behind the scenes at Trumpet.

Using a CRM Workflow isn't Always Best. Here's Why.

Just because you want to get the most out of your CRM (Contact Relationship Management) investment, doesn’t mean setting up workflow automation for...

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How to Implement the Right Technology for Your RIA: Part 2

Last Friday, we shared the first 3 steps to successfully implementing your new technology project. Below are the last 3 steps. If you would like to...

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How to Implement the Right Technology for Your RIA: Part 1

Back in September, we hosted a live webinar, How to Select the Right Technology for Your RIA. Our live webinar yesterday expanded on that. Now that...

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3 CRM Software Integrations Financial Advisors Should Consider

Earlier this week, we discussed how CRM software integration isn't always the most important aspect of choosing a new CRM. However, they are worth...

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CRM Software Integration: Is it Worth the 'Weight'?

There are numerous articles focusing on the importance of integrating your new CRM with your existing software. And, they're wrong – integration...

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Drowning at work: do you need a new employee or better technology?

When a firm is really pressed – when people can’t keep up with their work, do you use technology or hire more people to address the issue? This is a...

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RIAs Trends: Getting DMS at the same time as a CRM

Over the last few years, we have seen new trends* emerging with RIAs when considering switching to a new CRM: they are considering document...

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Best Practices for Selecting a CRM for Financial Advisors

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a term that refers to the practices, strategies, and technology a firm uses to organize, manage and analyze...

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Trumpet Success Story: Business Process Optimization for Quarterly Electronic Filing

With Auto Filer for NetDocuments, Charter Oak Capital Management reduced the time it takes to file thousands of quarterly and monthly statements by...

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