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"Another Similar" button coming to Symphony Profiler

We get a lot of requests from our Channel Partners and users about features that could be added to Symphony. One of the most popular requests was the addition of a button to the reservation dialog that allows the user to efficiently create reservations for documents with similar profiles.

I'm happy to announce that in Symphony Profiler 1.0.4, we will be adding this feature - as well as introducing a complete rework of the reservation dialog (we'll have another post on that soon). As always, we'd love to hear your feedback.

If you'd like to take part in our development process, check out our Symphony Development Trello board that we use to track requests and issues. If you would like to get registered to vote and comment on this Trello board, drop us a line and request an invitation. Otherwise, feel free to 'lurk' and check out what we are working on. Requests that get votes get worked on!

Here are the details of our upcoming user interface changes:


New "Another Similar" feature

The new reservation dialogs now contain an extra button: Another Similar – when clicked, will bring up the Worldox profile that was just used – including the document description. Think of this as a quick and dirty alternative to using a Quick Profiler for power users.


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