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Symphony Profiler - Simplified Email Notification Configuration

Trumpet has made great strides to make the configuration process for Symphony Profiler’s email notification system easier and quicker. In our latest software release (build and higher), you have the option to use Symphony’s email servers to deliver the Daily Status Notifications and the Urgent Issues Emails.

Simplifying Email Notification Configuration

This new option drastically simplifies the amount of up-front information you need to know from your customer. You will no longer need to obtain the SMTP server name and other information from the firm; the only information needed is the email address of who should receive the Symphony Profiler Daily Status Notices. Because this new option doesn’t rely on the SMTP server for the firm, you won’t need to not be concerned when the firm updates their mail servers or changes their passwords.

New Configuration Screen

SPRO Email Conf Screen

If you prefer, you can still configure Symphony Profiler’s email delivery system using the firm’s SMTP server.

For more information on how to configure this new feature click here.


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