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Symphony Profiler - Save Time using Handheld Barcode Scanners

GREAT NEWS for firms doing large volumes of document scanning, Symphony Profiler now supports the use of handheld barcode scanners like the one seen here: Laser BarCode Scanner

Why would you use a handheld barcode scanner with Symphony Profiler?

The short answer: To Save Time! If a firm is processing many documents at a time (e.g. large mail volume, boxes of legacy documents, etc...), using a handheld scanner can improve the Symphony Profiler "reservation/ profile" process by eliminating the key punch of the five digit reservation ID.

Advantages of using a handheld barcode scanner with Symphony Profiler:

  • It's the fast and easiest way to scan & auto-save documents into Worldox
  • When using Worldox "Quick Profile" templates & a handheld barcode scanner it eliminates the number of key strokes needed to create Worldox reservations
  • A user can make 15 - 20 Worldox reservations within minutes

How does it work?

  1. The user double clicks the Symphony Profiler icon to start the process and completes the Worldox "profile" for the first document
  2. Once "OK" is clicked, the user will scan the barcode on the Symphony Profile cover sheet using their handheld barcode scanner
  3. Symphony Profiler then automatically pops-up the next Worldox profile card pre-filled with the prior document's profile
  4. The user adjusts the profile (e.g. changes the client and description), then clicks OK (or types the Alt+O hot-key)
  5. Lather, rinse, repeat until all of the documents have been profiled
  6. Finally, take all the documents to the scanner to process a bulk-scan, auto-filing job into Worldox

Symphony Profiler scanner.jpg


Support for handheld barcode scanners was added to Symphony Profiler in version  

Contact Trumpet with any questions about the new support for handheld barcode scanners.

Begin saving time today!


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