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Symphony Profiler - Make Reservations Directly from Worldox

Create a Symphony Reservation Directly from Worldox

We are excited to announce one of our latest enhancements for Symphony Profiler. Trumpet developed a “Symphony Profiler” icon for the Worldox menu and toolbar, allowing users to make Symphony Profiler reservations even faster. Click the “Symphony Profiler” icon in the Worldox toolbar to launch the Worldox “Create Reservation” screen.

SPRO Icon in Worldox

There is an additional option from the Worldox menu called “Symphony Imaging”.

7-18-2014 8-09-57 AM

From here, users can create cover sheets, reservations and even transfer their files using the "Start Scans Transfer" feature. This feature was originally added to Symphony Profiler to allow folks who are working with Worldox Enterprise and Worldox Cloud to run Symphony Profiler as a service, but we've found it useful for Professional users as well - no more workstation installations and no more updates... SUPER handy when you're dealing with locked down systems where users can't elevate permissions!

To start using this great new enhancement:

1) Update Symphony Profiler to the most current version

2) Once installed, in the Symphony Profiler Processor, select Edit > Preferences > Worldox and check the "Add Symphony menu and button to Worldox" checkbox

for further instructions, visit How to Add the Create Reservations button to Worldox.

Simplified Symphony Profiler Setup for Channel Partners

One of the things that Trumpet strives for with the various Symphony applications is to make installation and configuration super simple. We've always felt that having to install Symphony Profiler to every workstation was getting in the way of that goal, and we are delighted to announce that we've just implemented a zero effort client install. Instead of going to each workstation and installing the Symphony Profiler Workstation component, enabling Symphony Profiler for most users can now be achieved with a single checkbox.
In versions and higher, you can eliminate the process of installing Symphony Profiler Workstation entirely by simply checking the check box in the Symphony Profiler Processor "Add Symphony menu and button to Worldox":

8-12-2014 12-04-33 PM


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