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The Efficiency Beat

Read the latest advice about document management, workflow efficiency, how to get the most out of our solutions, and what’s going on behind the scenes at Trumpet.

How to Ease Compliance Concerns as a Financial Advisor

Have you ever spent hours looking for a file requested by a regulatory agency?  If so, you aren't alone. 

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How to Ease Compliance Concerns as a Financial Advisor

Here’s How to Change Your Password Policy Now (so it works without being constantly irritating)

After speaking with an advisory firm whose management team requires employees to change certain passwords every three months, I was inspired to help...

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6 Reasons RIA Owners Need Document Management (compliance isn’t one of them)

Have you ever walked into a store like IKEA pressed for time? No matter how well organized the store may be, it can be an overwhelming experience to...

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6 Reasons Operations Teams Need Document Management (compliance isn’t one of them)

Document management is about way more than organizing files electronically. It’s about being at your best so you can work at a higher level – in the...

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Ease of Use in Worldox GX4 - There is a Better Way

This is a guest post by John Heckman,  a Worldox Inner Circle Partner, and founder of Heckman Consulting. 

When Worldox is first implemented at a...

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How to Choose the Right RIA Portal for Your Firm

Choosing a portal for your advisory firm is much more difficult than a Google search. Identifying the needs of your organization, impact...

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Effective Employee Training for Your New Software or Service

How to Transition your RIA Staff to New Technology

If you’re in the process of implementing new technology for your RIA, one of the most important...

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How to Get Your Technology Project Funded

Be an Agent of Change at Your RIA

If you’ve been asked to choose the right technology for your RIA, then it’s probably in your best interest for that...

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How to Make the Most of a Software Demo for your RIA

Use a Software Score Sheet

In my last blog post, I talked how to effectively evaluate the need for a new software at your RIA, and the benefits of a ...

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