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How to Ease Compliance Concerns as a Financial Advisor

Ease_Compliance_Concerns_for_Your_Financial_Advisors.jpgHave you ever spent hours looking for a file requested by a regulatory agency?  If so, you aren't alone. 

As the regulatory and compliance landscape continues to evolve, the number of requirements imposed on financial advisors/RIAs grows every day. Managing these requirements is becoming more difficult as the number and type of required documents increase.

When auditors and regulators call and provide their list of requested documents, can you produce them quickly without interrupting your normal course of business?

This is where a Document Management System (DMS) can make a huge difference.

Without a DMS, digging up those docs can be a major time suck. Staff may have to spend time searching through multiple folders, browsing for the right documents from the right clients, and finally dragging and dropping files into even more folders.

A DMS makes it much easier to satisfy document requests from regulators and auditors because it allows you to:

  • Track all kinds of metadata about the files you need to save
  • Build advanced searches
  • Create retention rules on documents, so you don’t lose important info

You can also define templates for files and their associated metadata, ensuring that all files are automatically stored correctly, even as the number of files increases.

Then when it comes time to produce certain types of documents, you can easily filter for those specific documents to provide to regulators.

Searching is fast, efficient and thorough. It’s just that easy.

Interested in learning more about what DMS can do for you? Download our e-book on document management.


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Robin Houston

Robin Houston

Robin brings over 15 years of B2B marketing and channel partner management experience to Trumpet. She has a passion for creating an amazing experience which results in long-term relationships with channel and technology partners. She loves to drive the creation of highly-effective marketing programs that bring a company's vision to life. In her spare time, Robin loves to travel with her husband and friends. They attend music festivals, snowboard and try to escape the Phoenix summer heat as much as possible by camping in Northern Arizona.