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6 Reasons Operations Teams Need Document Management (compliance isn’t one of them)

Worldox GX4Document management is about way more than organizing files electronically. It’s about being at your best so you can work at a higher level – in the zone and without distractions.

The number of files your firm uses for day to day operations can be overwhelming. If you’re still saving files or managing in a folder tree, it’s creating inefficiencies that are costing you in terms of how you use your talent.

If you’ve ever wondered how Ops Teams benefit from document management, here are a few top reasons why.

  1. You don’t have to remember

Do you know why Google, Spotify, and smartphones are your favorite technologies?

It’s because…you don’t have to remember.

You don’t have to remember someone’s phone number, the best way to get to a friend’s house, the name of one of your favorite songs.

All you have to do is type in any snippet of a lyric into Google, and bam, you get what you requested in seconds.

Directory trees are not like that. You still have to remember *where* you filed something in order to find it. And that’s just you. If you filed it you probably have a better chance of finding it. 

Think of the inefficiencies your firm experiences daily when you multiply 10, 20 or 100 employees searching for information.

Worldox GX4 helps you find your files, without having to remember. That’s powerful. 

  1. Eliminate distractions

Have you ever gone looking for an email, then once you open your email application, you notice other emails that catch your attention to the point where you forgot why you opened your email in the first place? The same thing happens with documents. On the way to look for something, you notice something doesn’t look like right and ask yourself, “Why is that there?” or “Why is that named that way?” or “Who put that there?”

Today, more than ever, we need to lock in on what we need, without getting pulled off task.

Worldox GX4 brings what you need, when you need it. 

  1. Your firm can multiply productivity.

When your team can find and retrieve anything they need super fast, how much more productive will they be?

We think of Worldox as a productivity multiplier because unlike rebalancing or portfolio management software that only a portion of your team uses, everyone in your firm gets a productivity boost because everyone saves and searches. When you hire Worldox, you hire productivity. No more tracking down information that someone can’t find or should have filed differently. It’s that easy to use.

So, let’s have your entire organization stop doing that thing that Peter Gabriel sings about – “endless, fruitless, searching.”  Use Worldox GX4 instead.

  1. Now.

Would you go back to the days of using Outlook for CRM? Probably not.

Worldox is as important to your business as a modern CRM. Worldox GX4 provides the ability to not only retrieve critical information on the fly through your CRM, it improves how teams interact.

Just ask RIAs – here are some great shares:

“Amazing Technology & Amazing People” - Coyle Financial Counsel

“Client confidentiality and data security were of the utmost importance” – Plancorp

“It’s just an awesome system” - Colony Family Office

  1. You have standards for filing – uphold them using Worldox GX4!

Do you groan or grin when it comes to how the rest of the firm is filing? Many RIAs come to us groaning, looking for a streamlined approach to business.

In a folder based system, filing protocols are not enforceable.

Worse, finding files later in a folder tree is dependent on knowing the correct location. No one should be held hostage to knowing where a file is in order to find it.  If a file is not stored where you think it should be, you’ve virtually lost access to important information. It’s impossible to enforce.

Using Worldox GX4 document management, your firm creates filing protocols within the system. Regardless the number of employees, everyone files the same documents the same way.

Filing standards are up to you. Worldox GX4 enforces them.

  1. Your clients appreciate real time recommendations.

Recommendations you make during a phone call are often based on information the client has provided.  Whenever you answer client questions in real time, it creates an impression of amazing service – “No matter what I ask, they always know” because you can access information that quickly.  Talk about a rave review!

And, you have the comfort knowing the information is accurate – that you are indeed looking at the most current version of the client’s trust or updated excel file.   

End the “I’ll get back to you” response and provide real time recommendations on your next client call when you have up to date information available via Worldox.

The Solution

Trumpet customizes Worldox GX4 exclusively for RIAs.   Advisory firms are seeing  increased efficiencies in as little as two weeks. That’s a fast ROI in terms of time saved, better than almost any technology project you could implement.

Contact us today to learn more or download our whitepaper on Document Management for RIAs. 


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