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Worldox GX3 - Coming in February

I'm sure that everyone is as excited as we are about the pending release of Worldox GX3 - the announcement has not been officially made (that will come later this month), but we have some information to share with you.

Note that we'll be posting more articles as we learn more - and our FAQs will have a summary of the most up to date information that we have. If you want to learn more about Trumpet's Worldox deployments and other software, please check out or financial home page or our legal home page.

Release Date

Worldox GX3 Professional will be officially released on February 1st, 2012. Trumpet will begin rolling out GX3 to existing GX2 users after we finish our internal evaluation and testing. If you are interested in upgrading as soon as we finish our evaluation, please email installs@trumpetinc.com to be placed on the early update list.

What's New in GX3

A Redesigned User Interface

  • Named toolbar buttons - still one toolbar, but now with the key advantage of labels, as seen in new "ribbon" toolbar styles
  • User configurable toolbars - add, remove or rearrange choices however you like
  • Personalized, configurable folder-tree views
  • New view buttons - a reorganized left-side pane presents new view choices, gives users ways to move between content categories to this visual space
  • Expanded My Workspaces - My Workspaces is now even more flexible, offering the ability to visually bookmark personal folders – yours and others

Enhanced Speed and Integration

  • Speed - a redesigned and optimized architecture delivers data to your screen faster – as much as 60% faster in certain critical operations
  • More 3rd party integrations, connectors and system tools
  • Ability to view Portfolio PDFs
  • Upgraded Oracle Viewer technology built in, for improved viewing, previewing of files
  • Tighter MS Active Directory Integration
  • Better MS server integration, for faster, easier maintenance and setup

New Deployment Options

GX3 can now be delivered in three very different ways:

  • GX3 Professional is the traditional desktop version. Local client/server mode (Available February 2012)
  • GX3 Enterprise is Worldox hosted on-site, in your data center. Essentially being a "cloud", centralized deployment of the application and documents within your facilities (Available mid-late 2012)
  • GX3 Cloud is Worldox plus all files, hosted in the cloud (off-site, in remote data centers) (Available mid-late 2012)


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