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Trumpet Success Story: Business Process Optimization for Quarterly Electronic Filing

With Auto Filer for NetDocuments, Charter Oak Capital Management reduced the time it takes to file thousands of quarterly and monthly statements by 97% (from one week to just one hour).


To solve the problem of delivering faster, more convenient access to critical financial documents for its clients, Charter Oak Capital Management set its sites on the cloud.

In 2014, the financial advisory firm decided to migrate from it’s on-premise Laserfiche document management software to NetDocuments, a 100% cloud-based system. The results were immediate—achieving much greater visibility, control and access to documents firm-wide.

One problem remained, though. While NetDocuments vastly improved access to digital documents, the firm still spent too much time uploading thousands of quarterly and monthly financial statements into the system, along with transaction confirmations and tax documents.

“The person doing the filing communicated how much time she was spending monthly and quarterly filing documents.  Once we knew the process she had to go through, we contacted NetDocuments to suggest a solution. That’s how we found out about Trumpet’s Auto Filer software.”

Auto Filer Takes the Pain Out of Document Filing

After meeting with Sue, the Trumpet professional services team was able to configure Auto Filer for NetDocuments to mass-profile their three most common document types.

Within a week, Trumpet delivered Auto Filer for NetDocuments, including:

  • Quarterly internal financial statements
  • Monthly custodian financial statements
  • Custodian transition confirmations

With Auto Filer, a process that used to take nearly a week is now handled within an hour. 

“Auto Filer for NetDocuments is very effective for large volumes of documents that are basically going to have the same filing,” said Susan Ross-Wentworth, Charter Oak’s technology coordinator. “There’s no comparison to the one-by-one filing of thousands of documents to being able to mass index documents with Auto Filer for NetDocuments.”

“All those thousands of documents just get filed in one shot and it’s terrific.”

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Will Stagl

Will Stagl