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Updates on Worldox GX3 Enterprise and GX3 Cloud options

Worldox has officially released GX3 Enterprise. GX3 Enterprise provides the full experience of using server-based Worldox Professional, but adapted for multi-office and/or remote-access environments using Microsoft published application technology. It is NOT the same as cloud - instead, the software and your files are hosted on your system, via an add-on server component.

Worldox GX3 Cloud is projected for release Q1 2013. Similar to GX3 Enterprise, GX3 Cloud is adapted for a multi-office, remote access environment, but the software and your documents are hosted off-site, in World Software Corporation's data centers.

The beauty of both options are that neither are web-based. Both options deliver the same rich interface and full feature set that you are used to experiencing with server-based software, but with more options for data storage and hosting. We've been using GX3 Enterprise in our Trumpet office for a few months now, and love it.

If you'd like more details, World Software Corp has prepared a white paper for your reading pleasure: http://www.trumpetinc.com/articles/gx3deliveryoptions.pdf

If you are interested in deploying GX3 Enterprise in your office, shoot us an email at info@trumpetinc.com.

If your firm has plans to "go to the Cloud" and would like to be placed on the early notification list for GX3 Cloud, please send an email to info@trumpetinc.com.


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