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Trumpet Life: Thanksgiving

During this season of gratitude and thanks, Trumpet employees have a LOT to be thankful for: an encouraging and gratifying workplace; fun, supportive and hardworking coworkers; amazing and innovative clients, and so much more.

While we all love spending time with our Trumpet "family" (look out for our volunteer day blog the first week of December), nothing beats spending the holidays with close family and friends. Here's some of our Trumpet family spending time with their family (check out the turkey cake, below). Happy Thanksgiving!!


Day Thanksgiving2.jpg

Jo Day and her family busy in the kitchen

Day Thanksgiving.jpg

Guerilla neighborhood decorations!

Rebeccas Cake-1.jpg

The coolest turkey cake EVER!! by Rebecca

Robin Thanksgiving.jpg

Robin's packed Friendsgiving

Andrea Thanksgiving-071569-edited.png

Andrea and her family at chilly Plymouth Rock, MA

Kim and girls.jpg

Liz's nieces and sister-in-law in California


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Jo Day

Jo Day

Jo loves learning about interesting problems and how people are solving them. Jo is well known for connecting people and ideas and is a great catalyst (moo!) to change. Where some people see the world through rose colored glasses, Jo sees the world through processes. When Jo isn't hanging out with her family, Jo's favorite hobbies are being anywhere outdoors and coming up with new business ideas – just for fun!