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Trumpet Success Story: How Symphony OCR Allows all Documents to be Text-Searchable

How much time are you spending searching for electronic documents only to find yourself wasting time, money, and effort on an inefficient task? If you’re like our client HKM, you’re spending countless hours searching through thousands of files feeling like you’ve gotten nothing accomplished—in part because the files you’re searching for are not text-searchable.  That’s because as many as a third of your PDF documents may include scanned documents that were not converted to text and only exist as non-searchable images.


One way to ensure that ALL of your files are text-searchable, and to make the most of the powerful search functionality offered by your document management system, is to rely on software to automate the process of monitoring and analyzing your documents  them to a searchable format. Symphony OCR from Trumpet is software that handles that task for you behind the scenes. Whether you rely on a document management system or a Windows folder tree-based system to organize your files, Symphony OCR can ensure that all of your files are text-searchable.

The Challenge

HKM P.A. approached Trumpet with a common problem, they had no idea how many documents in their existing repository were text-searchable.  Without automated OCR software, they were left wondering if documents from scanned paper, emails or CDs could be found by searching for keywords within their content.  And if they couldn’t be, it meant documents could only be found by navigating to the correct location or knowing the filename. It was a logistical nightmare to mine data for what they needed.

The Solution         

To better organize and manage all of their documents, HKM decided they needed to implement a document management system. To ensure their new DMS, with robust built-in search capabilities, would locate ALL of their documents, they also decided they needed an OCR software. Enter our product, Symphony OCR for NetDocuments, which analyzes documents and automatically converts them to a text-searchable format.

Before documents were migrated to NetDocuments, we discovered that over one-third of the more than one million documents were actually not text-searchable. In less than 60 days Symphony OCR was able to convert all of these documents to a text-searchable format.  All of the document OCR processing was completed prior to implementing NetDocuments which ensured HKM’s NetDocuments repository would be fully text-searchable when they went live.   

Now the HKM team is able to easily search documents to find what they need, when they need it.   

Benefit of Trumpet’s Symphony OCR Software

There’s a common concern that while we offer OCR software, it means your firm has to save two copies of documents – one that’s text-searchable and another that’s in the original format. This would mean twice as much storage space and the costs can add up.

Trumpet has a solved this dilemma for firms. With our product, Symphony OCR, a firm only has to save the OCRed version of a document.  Our product gives firms the ability to instantly revert back to the original source file with the click of a button, stripping off the OCR overly. For discovery documents, this ensure that the original document, down to digital bits and bytes, is always available.

This is one of the many benefits of Symphony OCR and the kind of efficiency and peace of mind Trumpet creates for our clients.

Read HKM’s full story here.

Learn more about Symphony OCR here OR try our software free for 30 days.


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Will Stagl

Will Stagl