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5 Tools to Minimize Wasted Time in 2018


The new year has begun and we are off to the races. Now is the time when most everyone reviews the past year and takes stock of the successes, the failures, the tasks left undone and the goals they want to make for the upcoming year.

Here at Trumpet we believe in goals - but mostly we believe in setting yourself up to achieve them. If your goal this year is to be more effective with your time and work, we've created an infographic with resources to help you do just that.

This 5 Simple Tools infographic was created with you in mind - download it here and start 2018 on the right foot. Efficiency, here we come!

Download 5 Tools to Be More Effective  


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Liz Levenson

Liz Levenson

Before joining Trumpet, Liz was a co-owner of a small inbound marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona. She loves creating marketing processes that allow marketers to take out the guesswork and focus on creative campaigns and a great customer experience. Her 4 years as a marketer has taught her that marketing is no longer a sales tool for the company: it is an education tool for customers. In her free time, Liz is either travelling or dreaming about travelling. She also enjoys cooking, playing board games with friends, playing her ukulele, spending time with her nieces, and lovingly harassing her cat, Holly.