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2017 Financial Advisory Fees Report from Inside Information

The long-awaited fees survey report is here. Bob Veres of Inside Information has compiled valuable information on how advisory firms are pricing their services, so you can decide whether, under any hypothetical guidelines (including, perhaps, the DOL Rule), your asset management fees are "reasonable".
The report also looks into additional data that can help you understand how your firm stacks up against others. You'll discover:

  • How advisors are charging their clients (hourly, retainer, commissions or some combination of those)
  • The breakdown of average fees for different portfolio sizes, for different types of advisory firms
  • How much of the AUM fees should appropriately be allocated to non-asset-management activities like financial planning

This report unveils data that not many firms have access to, both in terms of depth and range of issues covered. We hope that you'll find it helpful and enlightening. 

Download the report now to start evaluating the information, and applying it to your circumstances.

Download Planning Profession Fee Survey


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