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Key Takeaways from ILTACON 2017: Technology and Communication


From August 13 through Thursday, August 17, I was lucky enough to represent Trumpet at this year’s ILTACON in Las Vegas, Nevada. For those of you may not know, ILTACON is a four-day annual conference for professionals working in technology within law firms and legal departments. Its purpose is to promote further education, discussion and networking for individuals who are experiencing the same opportunities and pain points within their careers. ILTACON also serves as a platform to deliver the latest and greatest in legal technology.

Large conferences like ILTACON can be overwhelming, so planning ahead is key if you want to get the most out of your educational experience. During my time at the conference, I took extensive notes and interviewed several attendees in order to get a feel for they were and what they wanted to see. Here are my key takeaways for IT directors or legal technology professionals who might be considering attending a conference like this in the future.

The Conference Experience

  • ILTACON is a large show and it was obvious that a great deal of work and thought had been put into it
  • Attendees actively seek vendors and technology as much as they attend educational sessions. Vendors, like NetDocuments, were placed in the far corner of the exhibit hall, but their booth was full of people who actively sought them out.
  • Show attendees commented that there seemed to be fewer program track sessions about document management.
  • Document management vendors hosted their own series of sessions in sponsored demo rooms that showcased their customers and product demonstrations. These sessions were well attended.
  • Show sessions weren’t just about technology. Sessions about “influencing executives” for IT Directors and similar sessions focused on professional development and fostering better work relationships between lawyers and technical staff were well received and very well attended.

While there were displays showing the latest technological innovations for law firms, ILTACON was truly rooted in IT professionals coming together to learn how to be advocates for their teams, how to communicate with senior level executives and make changes that would be beneficial to their firms, as well as how to use technology to nurture future client relationships.

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Will Stagl

Will Stagl