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Award-winning Worldox is now available to your firm in the Cloud

Worldox Cloud is something completely new in document management. Worldox Cloud provides the full features of document management, including speed, filing consistency and full text search, in a secure cloud environment.

Worldox Cloud is a great a fit for firms who:

  • want full featured document management
  • want remote access without infrastructure (back up, server, VPN)
  • seek better disaster protection for their practices
  • wish to manage compliance and retention policies in the cloud
  • want to securely manage confidential client and practice management records
  • wish to manage image files and live documents (Excel, Word, etc.) seamlessly

Any Windows-based PC or virtual machine with a wdSaaS plug-in installed can access Worldox Cloud.

New Worldox users – Trumpet can help your firm set up your Worldox Cloud account and migrate your existing files (electronic or paper) to full cloud-based document management.

Existing Worldox users* – You can transfer your Worldox system to the Cloud – the Worldox you know and love works very similarly, with virtually no learning curve!

Additionally, enjoy new features in Worldox Cloud your Trumpet advisor can introduce to you. This link provides an at-a-glance overview: http://www.trumpetinc.com/Downloads/dms/cloudbrochure.PDF

*Symphony Suite integrates with Worldox Cloud; Virtuoso integration is still underway – tune in to this blog for news and updates.

To request more information about Worldox Cloud features, security, pricing or more, please email info@trumpetinc.com.


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