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Assemblage 2.0 has arrived

Trumpet recently released Assemblage 2.0, an update to our automated performance reporting service.

If you're not already familiar with Assemblage, Assemblage helps advisors to automatically and electronically assemble documents from various software applications into a unique set of collated reports per recipient. It includes features to improve the appearance of your reports, such as table of contents, page numbers, letterhead, etc. Assemblage then makes it easy to deliver the reports to your clients (via web portal, encrypted email, or print to paper), and auto-file to Worldox or a Windows folder structure.

Here are just some of the new features in Assemblage 2.0 that we are excited about:

  • Added support for printing to Acrobat XI
  • Improved performance for "Send to > Printer" operations
  • PDF splitter is now 25% faster when reading large PDF files
  • When you hover over an item in the display lists of the Emailer, Publisher, or AutoFiler tools, you will see the full text
  • You can now copy and paste the status grid from the Emailer Tool for compliance purposes. This includes the document identifier and the date sent
  • Added option "SSL w/Self Signed Cert" to the Emailer Tool's preferences as an authentication method for users with Self Signed Certificates
If you are an Assemblage user and you haven't updated to 2.0 yet, we recommend you do so today! Here's a link to Instructions.


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