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Trumpet's New Year's Battle Plan

Trumpet's New Year's Resolution.png

I think we can all agree that New Year’s resolutions kind of suck. Not because it’s not valiant to improve ourselves personally and professionally, but because we tend not to have a very good plan in place to follow through on our goals.

But ask any successful professional or business owner and they’ll tell you the secret to being successful in your resolution or any other goal: Set a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timebound) goal and make a plan for how to achieve it. Then be flexible because everything will probably go sideways along the way.

At least, that’s how Trumpet operates. And we’re so excited to share our battle plans and let you know what to expect from Trumpet in 2018.

What’s Different in 2018?

Expanding our blog topics

After many conversations with our partners and clients, we’re starting to really understand how our products intersect with your challenges, and we’re going to be writing about it – a lot. Here are some of areas we’ll be diving into this year:

  • Increasing user satisfaction and ROI from document management systems
  • Minimizing risk of court/bar sanctions for inadequate disclosure for litigation law firms
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Reducing risk of liability from lack of appropriate contract disclosures for transactional law firms

What does that mean for me?

If you have and use a document management system, you’ll get a lot of tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your tool. If you’re a professional at a litigation or transactional law firm, we’ll be taking a deep dive into some of the risks your firm may face during court disclosure, contract disclosure, and conflict of interest checks, chain of custody, and ways to minimize those risks. To subscribe to the blog, click here.

Don’t worry, we’re going to continue to write about operational efficiency, eliminating wasted time, and using automation to your advantage.

Improving the website

We’re not going to put you through yet another website redesign this year (no one likes “under construction” pages and broken links), but we will be making some significant changes to showcase our best products and to make your research process easier.

What does that mean for me?

You’ll be able to easily find product features, benefits, use cases, and more. Plus, if you want to see a live demo, you’ll be able to request one right on the page you’re on.

Growing our Client Services team

We’ve got AMAZING clients and we strive to provide “Trumpet-class” support and services to every single one of them. In order to provide fast solutions and ongoing support for our clients, we’re expanding our client service team to include another support specialist and a client success director.

What does that mean for me?

If you’re a client of Trumpet, you can expect faster service, friendly support (as always), and more hands-on follow-up to ensure your success and satisfaction with our products. We’ll work with you to ensure user adoption of your technology and help train your staff of its use and benefits.

We’re so excited to jump into the new year head first and make a deep impact on the professional lives of services professionals and we’re better positioned than ever to help firms achieve their goals, minimize risks, and run successful businesses. If you have questions about our direction and goals, ask below in the comments or contact us.


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Liz Levenson

Liz Levenson

Before joining Trumpet, Liz was a co-owner of a small inbound marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona. She loves creating marketing processes that allow marketers to take out the guesswork and focus on creative campaigns and a great customer experience. Her 4 years as a marketer has taught her that marketing is no longer a sales tool for the company: it is an education tool for customers. In her free time, Liz is either travelling or dreaming about travelling. She also enjoys cooking, playing board games with friends, playing her ukulele, spending time with her nieces, and lovingly harassing her cat, Holly.