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4 Takeaways from Legaltech 2017

legalWeek-legaltech-LOGO.jpgLast week, Legaltech 2017 was held in New York City which brought together legal professionals and technology providers to the industry at their annual conference. 

A great quote and summary of last week’s event is from Bob Amrogi, “Technology can help lawyers overcome challenges….and practice more law.” 

Many companies announced new product roll-outs or enhancements to their existing products. Here are a few highlights from Trumpet and our partners:

  • NetDocuments has several new features including ndSync™, a secure Dropbox-like file synchronization and share application for improved usability and offline working; native Microsoft Office integration on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) that connects Microsoft Office apps directly to NetDocuments for seamless opening and saving of documents; and two key searching enhancements to provide intelligent personalized search as well as advanced entity extraction. You can read more detailshere.
  • We met up with Mike Tobias of Mercanix, a NetDocuments technology partner who recently announced a new workflow product called Mot-r for NetDocuments. Mot-r provides powerful paperless checklist capabilities for better resourcing, coordination and communication, including automated work queues, notifications and document generation. If you want to automate repeatable processes using NetDocuments, contact Mercanix.
  • We demonstrated SignatureBridge, our NetDocuments/DocuSign integration, to prospective clients and partners, including a large entertainment company and one of the largest firms supporting financial advisors in the U.S. To learn how to maximize eSignature adoption and get the most out of NetDocuments, request a free trial.
  • World Software announced new security initiatives and support for Office 365. Worldox is taking a proactive approach towards protecting customer data with the advent of their Worldox Encryption At Rest, or WEAR, products. The new add-in for Office 365 allows Worldox customers access Worldox documents from any browser.  You can read more details here

Trumpet’s attendance was successful, in addition to meeting with our technology partners, we also met with Channel Partners that confirmed what we’ve already been feeling — that there is tremendous momentum in the market as law firms of all sizes embrace document management and look for better ways to manage their firm’s day-to-day operations.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch us at LegalTech, contact Trumpet at sales@trumpetinc.com to request a discovery/demo appointment to learn more about:

  • Analyzing and OCRing your documents as part of your migration to a document management system
  • Ensuring that ALL your documents are content-searchable, either within your document management system, matter management system or network folders
  • Boosting user acceptance for document management or eSignature solutions

Here is another great summary of last week’s event. My Mega Wrap-Up of Product News from the Legaltech Conference

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Will Stagl

Will Stagl