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Trumpet, Inc. Announces MaestroTM OCR Software for Worldox®

Phoenix, AZ and Ridgewood, NJ – June 18, 2009 – Phoenix-based Trumpet, Inc., a global leader in developing software products and services to benefit WorldoxTM document management users, has announced the availability of an innovative Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software application, MaestroTM, specifically architected for Worldox users. Maestro quickly and seamlessly converts image-only files within a firm’s Worldox system into text searchable files.

“Our philosophy at World Software is to enhance our clients’ productivity and improve their document workflow process. The team at Trumpet continues to raise the bar in developing useful add on solutions that are beneficial to Worldox clients,” stated, Ray Zwiefelhofer, Executive Vice President, World Software Corporation®.

“The revolutionary way that Maestro OCR handles documents is powerful to any firm that wants precise searching capabilities both for and within scanned images,” says Joanne Day, President of Trumpet, Inc.

The MaestroTM Difference:

With the power of the Maestro OCR plug-in for Worldox users can:

  • Easily find documents, regardless of how they were filed in Worldox by performing a text search for those documents.
  • Quickly execute a search for a word or phrase within a specific document.
  • Cut and paste text from an image into an electronic document, such as a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file.

A few of the many benefits of Maestro that differentiate it from other OCR engines include:

  • Text conversion is performed as a back end process; the user does not have to wait for the document to be OCR’d in order to save the file. Consequently, documents get filed and are available to users much faster.
  • Documents do not have to be scanned on-site to be OCR’d. Maestro automatically processes any TIFF or PDF image-only file that is filed to Worldox that the firm receives through other methods (such as via e-mail or e-fax). This means that all TIFF and PDF files that are image-only will be converted to text searchable files, instead of just those that the firm scans.
  • Because Maestro runs as a back end process it will OCR everything, including images that have been filed to Worldox in the past. For firms that would like all their scanned images to be text searchable, including their historical documents, Maestro is the ideal solution.
  • Maestro does not create a separate text file; rather, it creates an invisible text overlay embedded within the file. This enables a more natural feel to the user whenever they perform a text search within a file (e.g. by providing physical context of where you are in the file).
  • Maestro was specifically created for Worldox and is tightly integrated with the document management system.

Dave Ragan, Financial Planning Specialist for Grunden Financial Advisory, Inc. in Denton, TX says,

“Maestro works behind the scenes to essentially transcribe entire documents… to allow us to search on keywords within our electronic library. When you consider that we have over 25,000 electronic documents, having the ability to search this way saves time and improves our response time to clients. Maestro provides that extra security knowing you have multiple ways to find the electronic files you want…you can just type in some keywords you know are in a file if you’re in a hurry.”

About Trumpet, Inc.

Trumpet, Inc. is a leading expert in technology and workflow for financial advisors. Trumpet has been providing comprehensive document management and automated document assembly software services to firms since 1999. For more information, visit www.trumpetinc.com or call (480) 961-6003.

About World Software Corporation®

World Software Corporation® is an innovative leader in Document Management Systems. World Software’s flagship product, Worldox, is increasingly becoming the DMS of choice among law firms and legal departments. With a 3,000+ law firm install base, Worldox/World Software customer sites range in size from 1 to 1,200 users. For more information about World Software Corporation and its products, visit www.worldox.com or call (800) 962-6360.



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