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Dillashaw LLC Helps Entrepreneurs Take Flight Faster With SignatureBridge

Dillashaw homepage.pngUsing SignatureBridge, Dillashaw, LLC, cut the time/effort required to secure digital signatures with DocuSign and filing eSigned files in NetDocuments in half. 

Lincoln, Nebraska-based law firm, Dillashaw LLC, specializes in services to manage the formation, funding and general corporate law needs of start-ups and emerging high growth businesses.

A big part of that process is managing all of the documents that define a new corporate entity, including governance structure, funding and intellectual property. 

To help their clients come up to speed quickly, Dillashaw LLC attorneys Bart Dillashaw and Grant Maynard and their staff rely on technology like DocuSign to capture electronic signatures and NetDocuments to manage all of their digital files and emails.

DocuSign does an excellent job of accelerating the process of distributing electronic agreements and capturing eSignatures. NetDocuments delivers the industry’s best cloud-based document management system for law firms, so that documents can be securely managed for easy access.

The problem was that a gap existed between these two systems that slowed down the process of keeping track of pending signatures on critical business documents and filing those signed documents in NetDocuments.

That’s when Maynard discovered SignatureBridge for NetDocuments from Trumpet, Inc.

Trumpet’s SignatureBridge for NetDocuments software makes it easy for the Dillashaw team to select documents from NetDocuments to send them out for eSignature using DocuSign. The power of the integration that SignatureBridge provides lies in its ability to provide instant visibility to the signature status of documents and to ensure that signed documents are automatically files and stored in NetDocuments.

SignatureBridge significantly reduced the time and effort Dillashaw’s staff spent managing eSignatures and process agreements.

“For a relatively large deal, it would not have been uncommon to spend 45 minutes to an hour just handling and filing documents. With SignatureBridge, the same deal takes five minutes,” said Maynard.

With dozens of client documents to manage and process on a weekly basis, Dillashaw saves an average of ten hours in administration time and effort by relying on SignatureBridge.

That time savings allows Dillashaw to remain responsive to their needs of their clients, for whom speed and agility is critical to going to market and achieving their goals.

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Will Stagl

Will Stagl