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Trumpet, Inc. Announces Integration with FamilyOfficeNetwork®

Phoenix, AZ, October 6, 2009 – Phoenix-based Trumpet, Inc., a leader in developing and integrating software products and services to benefit financial advisory firms, announced today the integration of Assemblage™, an innovative document assembly software application, with FamilyOfficeNetwork®’s web-based document sharing portal. Assemblage provides a way to automatically and electronically customize, collate, file, print and/or upload performance reports compiled from a firm’s investment management software application, along with output from other applications (e.g., Access, Word, your billing and/or contact management software). FamilyOfficeNetwork (FON) enables advisors to upload documents to a web portal to share with their clients and other professionals.

The Integration Process:

Advisory firms use Trumpet’s innovative integration with FON in one of two ways:

With the full Assemblage toolset, firms can automatically assemble and collate client report packages, electronically file them to a Windows® directory structure or to Worldox® document management software, and upload reports to clients and other advisors in bulk to FamilyOfficeNetwork in one seamless process.

Alternatively, advisory firms can choose to use Trumpet’s Web Upload Module, which enables advisors to upload clients’ documents in bulk from Worldox document management software to their respective lock boxes within FamilyOfficeNetwork’s secure web portal.

Both integration options allow firms to efficiently and securely share information with their clients and third parties.

“We are very excited about Assemblage integration with FON,” says Trumpet President, Joanne Day “because it provides advisory firms a seamless process to deliver tailored performance reports to clients electronically.”

Pete Wheeler, Founder and President of FamilyOfficeNetwork says, “Trumpet and the Days have an outstanding reputation as leaders in ‘paperless office’ solutions. We are very excited about providing the next generation of paperless with them; seamless integration between the paperless office and paperless delivery. Now advisor’s offices can truly reside in the clouds.”

The Advantage of Integration:

Key benefits of integrating Assemblage with FON:

  • significantly reduces the time and resources to prepare, compile, deliver, and/or file performance reports from days to hours
  • increases profitability – firms reduce delivery costs of reporting to clients and repurpose key employees’ time from administrative overhead to strategic work
  • improves client service by enabling clients to receive reports more quickly and via their preferred method - electronic or paper
  • reduces errors by helping ensure each recipient receives required content specific to their unique report package
  • provides quick ROI – firms experience the benefits of automation within their first quarter of use

Becky Martz, Technology Analyst for Back Bay Financial Group, Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts, said

"Assemblage just makes everything work. In the past, our office turned from a financial planning firm into a printing firm for a week. It use to take the full involvement of the majority of our staff over an entire week to get reports out the door. Now it only takes a few hours over two days to get the quarterlies out. Having the ability to upload the reports directly to FON's web portal was easy and convenient. Being able to have peace of mind at the end of the quarter that everything is done right is priceless."

About Trumpet Inc.

Trumpet, Inc. is a leading expert in workflow, technology and software integration for financial advisors. Trumpet has been providing comprehensive document management services to advisory firms since 1999. For more information, visit www.trumpetinc.com or call (480) 961-6003.

Media contact:

Joanne Day

T 480-961-6003



About FamilyOfficeNetwork®

FamilyOfficeNetwork was launched in 2002 by Peter R. Wheeler, CLU, ChFC, CFP, a veteran with over 40 years in financial services. In addition to founding FamilyOfficeNetwork, Wheeler is President and Chief Executive Officer of WheelerFrost Associates, Inc., a San Diego fee-for-service wealth management firm, a Registered Investment Adviser.

Media contact:

Cody Aldridge

T 866-801-1553





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