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Trumpet, Inc. Announces Integration with Advisor® CRM

Phoenix, AZ, April 1, 2010 – Phoenix-based Trumpet, Inc., a leader in developing and integrating software products and services to benefit WorldoxTM document management users, has announced integration with Tamarac’s Advisor CRM. Firms are increasingly searching for ways to integrate their key software applications, with two of the most common being Contact Relationship Management software (CRM) and document management software (DMS). With integration, the documents that users retrieve the most are just a mouse-click away.®

Why Integrate?

These days, busy professionals cannot live without integration. Similar to using dual monitors to increase efficiency, once a user has experienced CRM and DMS integration, there is no going back. The result provides two robust systems that look and feel like one dynamic application – a truly streamlined process.

Take a client meeting for example. An advisor is able to navigate to the client record in Advisor CRM and select the appropriate pre-set search buttons and pull all of the necessary information for the meeting without ever entering the search criteria in Worldox.

“We are really excited about the integration with Advisor CRM.” states Joanne Day, President of Trumpet, Inc. “Now users are able to have all of their documents at their fingertips”.

Benefits of Integration

Some of the key benefits to integrating CRMs and document management systems are:

  • Significantly reduces the time it takes to search for documents. With pre-set searches, documents are literally a mouse-click away.
  • Allows firms to maximize workflow processes by creating the action in the CRM and tying it to a document in the document management system.
  • Leverages the knowledge worker by defining the common searches for the office. Users who do not know all of the features of the system will be able to call up documents without filling out search criteria.
  • Improves client service by enabling advisors to work in “real time” by calling up client documents while on the phone with the client.
  • Easily brings practice management documents (templates, processes, checklists, etc.) into the working office environment.

Kathryn Wolfson with The Wealth Collaborative of Woodland Hills, CA remarks that “integration makes everyone so much faster at being able to get to the information right away. It takes a very short time to access the documents that you really want.”

About Trumpet Inc.

Trumpet, Inc. is a leading expert in workflow, technology and software integration for financial advisors. Trumpet has been providing comprehensive document management services to advisory firms since 2002. For more information or to view a complete list of CRMs that Trumpet integrates with, visit www.trumpetinc.com or call (480) 961-6003.

Media contact:

Joanne Day

T + 001 (480) 961-6003




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