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Trumpet, Inc. Announces Express ProfileTM for Worldox

Phoenix, AZ – January 2, 2010 – Phoenix-based Trumpet, Inc., a global leader in developing software products and services to benefit Worldox® document management users, has announced the availability of Express Profile™, an extremely efficient file reservation application designed exclusively for Worldox users. By using Express Profile firms can delegate scanning to anyone who can operate a scanner, yet still provide accuracy in filing.

Support staff often does not have time to scan, yet in many cases they are the most knowledgeable about how documents should be filed. Express Profile enables a firm to direct the time consuming task of scanning to the least costly labor (intern, hourly employee).

Here’s how it works. Express Profile enables knowledge workers to create filing reservations for paper files. From there, a scanning operator scans the documents using only the file reservation ID as the file name. A scanning operator requires no knowledge of how Worldox operates nor details about how the documents should be filed. The workflow is fast, easy, foolproof!

Using MaestroTM OCR (Optical Character Recognition), another complementary product developed by Trumpet for Worldox users, in conjunction with Express Profile creates a powerful combination. Maestro OCR provides employees the additional capability to perform full text searching both for and within scanned images.

“For any firm that is concerned about ensuring scanned documents are correctly filed, Express Profile is a great solution,” says Joanne Day, President of Trumpet, Inc.

Michelle Smalenberger with Kabarec Financial Advisors, Ltd. In Palatine, IL says "Express Profiling allows me to file our documents within seconds, without spending my time scanning the documents. Filing documents consistently allows everyone in our office to know right where to look when they need to find a document. I would recommend Express Profiles to anyone who wants to increase efficiency and accuracy within their office!"

The Express Profile Advantage

Some of the key benefits of Express Profile include:

  • Implementation- for Worldox users that are already familiar with creating profiles in Worldox, there is no learning curve. They simply create filing reservations for the documents that someone else scans on their behalf.
  • Immediate ROI - the knowledge worker or operations team begins saving time immediately by delegating scanning to a lower cost employee.
  • Training - eliminate the cost of training and retraining filing staff when there is turnover.
  • Go green - all filing instructions are generated electronically instead of in paper.
  • Redirect valuable resources - higher paid staff make only file reservations and do not scan.
  • Error reduction - reduce filing mistakes by having knowledgeable employees create filing instructions versus someone who is unfamiliar with the files.
  • Reduce hardware cost - purchase fewer scanners by centralizing scanning to one or two key people.

About Trumpet Inc.

Trumpet, Inc. is a leading expert in technology and workflow for financial advisors. Trumpet has been providing comprehensive document management and automated document assembly software services to firms since 2002. For more information, visit www.trumpetinc.com or call (480) 961-6003.

About World Software Corporation®

World Software Corporation® is an innovative leader in Document Management Systems. World Software’s flagship product, Worldox, is increasingly popular among law and financial service firms worldwide. With a 4,000 + firm install base, Worldox/World Software customer sites range in size from 1 to 1,200 users. For more information about World Software Corporation and its products, visit www.worldox.com or call (800) 962-6360.



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