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Trumpet Announces Maestro’s Compatibility with GX2

Phoenix-based Trumpet, Inc., a global leader in developing software products and services to benefit WorldoxTM document management users, has announced the compatibility of MaestroTM (version 4.1 and above), their Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software designed specifically for Worldox, with the newest version of Worldox- GX2. Maestro quickly and seamlessly converts image-only files within a firm’s Worldox system into fully text searchable files. Existing Maestro users will receive the upgrade at no charge.

“We’re really pleased to get out this new release of Maestro in lock step with Worldox GX2,” states Kevin Day, lead developer at Trumpet, Inc. "In addition to support for Worldox GX2, Maestro 4.1 adds enhanced performance statistics to allow you to determine Maestro's processing speed. Maestro 4.1 also adds support for parallelization, resulting in increased OCR throughput."

“Trumpet has been very responsive in keeping their suite of tools, such as Maestro OCR up to date with new releases of Worldox. We are very pleased to have Trumpet as a Worldox partner.” stated Ray Zwiefelhofer, Executive Vice President, World Software Corporation®.

The MaestroTM Advantage:

Remember, with Maestro users can:

  • Easily find documents, regardless of how they were filed in Worldox by performing a text search for those documents.
  • Quickly execute a search for a word or phrase within a specific document.
  • Cut and paste text from an image into an electronic document, such as a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file.

Just a few of the many benefits of Maestro include:

  • Text conversion is performed as a back end process; the user does not have to wait for the document to be OCR’d in order to save the file. Consequently, documents are filed and available to users much faster than using OCR within scanning software.
  • Another key advantage of Maestro running as a back end process is that Maestro OCR’s all images filed to Worldox from a variety of sources, such as images sent as e-mail attachments or faxes not just scanned documents,. More important to many law firms, is that Maestro also OCR’s all pre-existing images filed to Worldox. For firms that would like all their scanned images to be text searchable, including their historical documents, Maestro is the ideal solution.
  • Maestro does not create a separate text file; rather, it creates an invisible text overlay embedded within the file. This enables a more natural feel to the user whenever they perform a text search within a file (e.g. by providing physical context of where you are in the file).

About Trumpet, Inc.

Trumpet, Inc. is a leading provider of add-on solutions for Worldox document management software. In addition to Maestro™ OCR, Trumpet’s add on solutions for Worldox include:

  • Attach Plus™ to securely send files from Worldox as encrypted, password protected e-mail attachments
  • Virtuoso™ which makes contact management software seamlessly integrate with Worldox
  • Express Profile™ - an electronic reservation system for Worldox that enables knowledgeable users to pre-profile documents to be scanned by a scanning clerk
  • Assemblage™ - software that automatically and electronically splits and collates PDF files.

Trumpet has been providing comprehensive document management and automated document assembly software services to firms since 1999. For more information, visit www.trumpetinc.com or call (480) 961-6003.

About World Software Corporation®

World Software Corporation® is an innovative leader in Document Management Systems. Worldox was named top software provider in ILTA’s* 2009 Technology survey for their “outstanding job in terms of product quality, support and pricing during the last 12 months” Worldox/World Software customer sites range in size from 1 to 1,200 users. For more information about World Software Corporation and its products, visit www.worldox.com or call (800) 962-6360.

*455 survey respondents representing 190,000 professionals from the International Legal Technology Association





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