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Trumpet Announces Assemblage™ Discount for Packman Users

Phoenix, AZ – September 10, 2010 Trumpet, Inc. (www.trumpetinc.com) announced today a 25 percent discount on the first year licensing fee of Trumpet’s Assemblage™ software for existing PackMan users who sign up for Assemblage™ from 10/1/2010 through 12/31/10.

“The recent acquisition of PackMan software by SatuitCRM (http://www.satuit.com) has led some advisory firms to seek an alternative solution for quarterly report automation. We wanted to help those firms get into a solution that focuses on the needs of the financial planning and investment advisory community,” states Joanne Day, President of Trumpet, Inc.

“The Assemblage™ discount enables PackMan users to keep the cost of report automation manageable, while improving their efficiency and the appearance of their reports,” states Day. “We want to ensure advisors continue getting reports out the door on a timely basis without missing a beat.”

Trumpet has been helping advisory firms automate their client reporting process since 2002. Assemblage™ includes the following functionality:

Integration with:

  • secure web portals
  • contact management software
  • portfolio management software
  • document management software and other applications

Advanced features to:

  • Improve the aesthetics of reports
  • Handle exceptions
  • Alert users to missing content
  • address complex requirements

About Trumpet Inc.

Trumpet, Inc. is a leading expert in workflow, technology and software integration for financial advisors. Trumpet has been providing comprehensive document management services to advisory firms since 1999. For more information, visit www.trumpetinc.com or call (480) 961-6003, x. 1001.



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