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Rich Text Editor in Emailer Tool

We are thrilled to announce that Assemblage build 3.0 contains a rich text editor. That means you get to format your email messages to coincide with your branding and provide a more professional look and feel to the email body.

12-30-2014 11-49-46 AM

12-30-2014 11-47-40 AM

Features Available

For the most part, you can customize your emails by using any of the features included in the rich text editor provided. Here’s a look at the editor:
12-30-2014 12-36-14 PM


And here are some of the features we think will be popular:

Formats: This allows you to include heading styles, font styles (bold, underline, etc.)
Font Family: Choose the font you wish to use from the drop down
Font Sizes: You can also select the size of the font so your disclosures, for example, can be smaller and italicized the way many of you prefer.

For a comprehensive list of the items you can configure see: Emailer Tool Formatting Options

In addition, you can add hyperlinks to your website, embed images or insert images into the body of the email, use different font colors, and bullet point or numbered lists.

How to Use

Copy and paste from Outlook

You may wish to copy and paste a portion of the email from Outlook into the Assemblage Emailer tool (e.g. signature lines, disclosures). This should work beautifully for most items.

Once you’ve nailed down the general look and feel, you can edit the current text using the editor in the Emailer tool.

Once you have the template as you would like it, you can simply save your configuration by selecting Configuration Save.


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