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Find documents easily with Symphony OCR for PracticeMaster

Trumpet is excited to work with Software Technology, Inc. (STI) to integrate Symphony OCR with PracticeMaster’s document management feature. Symphony OCR is a fully integrated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) product that will provide PracticeMaster customers with a more comprehensive document management solution.

Text searches are great, but without OCR software, image-based PDFs are not text searchable. Symphony OCR gives users the confidence of knowing that all documents will be found when using PracticeMaster’s text search functionality.

Symphony OCR runs as a “back-end” process, continuously monitoring PracticeMaster for any new documents that need to be OCRed. Once Symphony OCR determines a document needs to be OCRed, it automatically OCRs the document. Symphony OCR will also review all existing saved documents and OCR them when necessary.

Symphony OCR is designed as software that “just works”. Once the software is installed there is no manual interaction needed to OCR documents.

For additional questions about Symphony OCR for PracticeMaster please contact us at sales@trumpetinc.com or 480.961.6003.


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Robin Houston

Robin Houston

Robin brings over 15 years of B2B marketing and channel partner management experience to Trumpet. She has a passion for creating an amazing experience which results in long-term relationships with channel and technology partners. She loves to drive the creation of highly-effective marketing programs that bring a company's vision to life. In her spare time, Robin loves to travel with her husband and friends. They attend music festivals, snowboard and try to escape the Phoenix summer heat as much as possible by camping in Northern Arizona.