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Getting Buy-In for DMS, Part 4: Using Before & After Use Cases


The popular HGTV show Property Brothers, where twins Jonathan and Drew Scott make over fixer upper homes into families’ dream homes, is one the top-rated shows on the channel. One key reason is because "makeovers" are wildly popular among TV viewers. People love transformation stories – especially business owners.

Makeovers are a great technique to recommend any technology, including document management, to a business owner.

To present a compelling case, you always want to quantify your firm’s current productivity, (the “before” case) compared to what it could be once your document management system is in place.

Your Task:

Create a "before and after" picture of DMS by providing a bullet list of details and facts, describe scenarios that stop or slow down work  and top problems with the current environment.

Then create an 'after' scenario using information from the document management provider.

I can help you get numbers specific to your firm using a simple 5 minute survey, based on your current system. Shoot me an email using the link above asking for a makeover, and using metrics, we’ll help you graphically show the cost/time difference between your current system and a document management system.

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Jo Day

Jo Day

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