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Getting Buy-In for DMS, Part 2: Aligning Priorities

question-lightbulb.jpegPreviously, I wrote about the importance of understanding the business owner's operating priorities in order to see how your document management project might fit into the mix.

Now that you know where his or her head is, how do you tie in DMS?

This is two-pronged approach. First, who will it benefit? Is it just for your productivity, or will it benefit your entire department, or the entire company? For most firms, DMS is used by the whole company and is intrinsically more valuable than a software that would only be used in your department.

The second step is to tie a benefit of DMS to helping achieve an operating or business priority. For example, if the business owner concerned about the security of confidential client files, DMS makes it easy to set permissions for certain files so that only authorized users can access them. This decreases the accessibility of highly sensitive information, thereby making it more secure.

Your Task:

Look back at your list of priorities that the owner is looking to achieve. Check out the quantitative and qualitative benefits of DMS. Which ones support his or her objectives to save time or money?

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