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Getting Buy-In for DMS, Part 3: Improving Client Experience

assemblage-feature-1024x742.jpgWhen asking a business owner to write a check, they pay for solutions where you can show a dramatic impact on time or money.  Help them improve profitability or growth. Business owners also purchase services that impact client satisfaction.

I remember speaking with a business owner two years after his firm implemented document management.  Here’s what he had to share about the impact on clients:

It’s been a game changer.  Do you know what our clients tell me now?  ‘Whenever I call you with a question, you always know the answer.’  I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.  Prior to this, we didn’t realize how much technology drives referrals.

There are three productivity killers that all firms have which impact client service.

  1. Slow Downs – this happens when you aren’t able to do a task as quickly as you think you should. Ex: Getting performance reports to clients takes longer than I think it should because…
  1. Work Stoppages – this happens when something prevents you from moving forward on a task. all together. You must stop working on the task until the block gets cleared. Ex: I am unable to finish preparing for client meetings when….
  1. Work Redos – this happens when you have to re-do a piece of work because what was done initially didn’t meet the need. Ex: I have to redo an account form when…

Your Task:

List the top 2 or 3 slow downs, work stoppages and work re-dos you see your firm struggle with; include frequency and duration. Then describe their impact on client servicing. This is a really important piece of the puzzle to getting the business owner to see the impact DMS could have.

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Jo Day

Jo Day

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