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Assemblage - now you can deliver your Assemblies using our Emailer Tool

Although electronic delivery of your Assemblies has never required you use a web portal, emailing reports remained a manual process. Assemblage's Emailer Tool now automates this time consuming endeavor!

The first step is to define which of the Assemblies you wish to email, print, or maybe both. This is typically done in your CRM or a similar database.

Your Trumpet consultant will assist you by adding a column to the Main Assemblage interface which lists the delivery method for each Assembly.

From this window, you would choose those Assemblies with a delivery method of "Email" and send them to the Emailer Tool where they will be attached to an email template.

The Emailer Tool, can look up the appropriate email address for the recipient, the password (optional) you wish to use to encrypt the email attachment, the salutation, etc. from your existing databases.

Once you've sent the emails, you will be able to create a log for compliance purposes.

It typically takes only an hour of time for a Trumpet Consultant to assist you in setting up the Emailer Tool configuration. Contact info@trumpetinc.com when you're ready for a Trumpet Consultant to assist you in setting this up.


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