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Trending from Trumpet: Pick a Portal Provider Soon

Trending: Choose a file sharing service sooner than later

Financial advisors often consider themselves the “quarterback” of a client relationship because they collaborate with accountants, estate planning attorneys and other professionals on behalf of their clients.

Since sharing files among outside professionals can be a hassle, increasingly, accountants and attorneys are beginning to use file sharing services or portals. These portals make the process easier, but when they are managed by another professional in the relationship other than the advisory firm, it can be more challenging for the advisor to maintain their status as “client care coordinator.”

Trumpet’s Takeaway: Stay in charge of information flow and sharing

We recommend advisory firms plan to select and begin using a file sharing service or portal in the coming year or so — before the client’s accountant or attorney asks the advisory firm to use theirs.

Being the point person on information flow helps the advisor maintain the “Client Care Coordinator” status. Plus, there are number of services, such as ShareFile, that are fairly straightforward to deploy and affordable for firms of any size.

Key Points

  • Select a file sharing service before your clients’ other professional advisors do
  • Stay on top of being the leader of client collaboration and information flow
  • Get underway – file sharing services are affordable and relatively easy to use


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