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Well that was interesting... (Back online)

I'm pleased to announce that Trumpet's web sites are back online and working properly.

For those who are interested in what happened, Trumpet came under a distributed denial of service attack, starting yesterday morning. The traffic continued to increase until the attack overwhelmed our router's ability to respond to valid requests. The resolution ultimately involved eliminating the IP address that the attack was happening on (we moved some of our infrastructure to a new address).

All in all, it has been an exciting morning here at Trumpet!


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Jo Day

Jo Day

Jo loves learning about interesting problems and how people are solving them. Jo is well known for connecting people and ideas and is a great catalyst (moo!) to change. Where some people see the world through rose colored glasses, Jo sees the world through processes. When Jo isn't hanging out with her family, Jo's favorite hobbies are being anywhere outdoors and coming up with new business ideas – just for fun!