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Trumpet Life: Volunteer Day! 2016

Kyrene logo.pngIf you look through our past blog posts, you'll find a few that are about core values, like this one. While core values don't directly translate to our selling document management systems and report management software, we believe they are a fundamental part of who we are and why we exist as a business.

Trumpet has eight core values, which you can see on our About Us page, and two of them are We find harmony between work and play, and We care about others. We put those into work on last Friday when we spent a volunteer day at Kyrene Family Resource Center in Tempe, Arizona.

Lucinda-Emma-Dan-289898-edited.jpgLucinda & Emma sort through donated clothes Dan-339226-edited.jpgDan hides in organizes canned goods

Kyrene Family Resource Center provides local families in need access to resources to assist with their basic needs: food, school clothing for children, school supplies, enrichment scholarships and referral for emergency resources.

Rebecca-Tia-417632-edited.jpgTia & Rebecca package socks & undergarments Nicole-Kevin-454557-edited.jpgNicole & Kevin manage unruly clothing hangers

Our day was spent organizing the warehouse to prepare for their biggest event of the season: Winter Wonderland. We sorted and prepared bags of hygiene products, replaced summer clothes with winter, organized school supplies and the food shelves, and more.

Casey-Shannon-665928-edited.jpgShannon reaches new heights in canned goods Emma-501841-edited.jpgEmma secretly searches for Christmas gifts

While we were still "working," in a sense, it definitely felt more like play, and it was great to extend the core values in our office to care about people in our community.

Nicole-525877-edited.jpgNicole pulls out shorts to make room for jeans Ryan-Shannon-Casey-368473-edited.jpgRyan, Shannon, & Casey have fun with Campbell's

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Robin Houston

Robin Houston

Robin brings over 15 years of B2B marketing and channel partner management experience to Trumpet. She has a passion for creating an amazing experience which results in long-term relationships with channel and technology partners. She loves to drive the creation of highly-effective marketing programs that bring a company's vision to life. In her spare time, Robin loves to travel with her husband and friends. They attend music festivals, snowboard and try to escape the Phoenix summer heat as much as possible by camping in Northern Arizona.