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Symphony OCR Software Updates (v.6)

Trumpet recently completed updates to Symphony OCR versions 5.4.0 and earlier which includes several new features which help during the installation and setup process. We've also added a few features we know will benefit customers.

The new Symphony OCR Version 6.0 includes:

  • New document prioritization levels
  • Ability to specify when each profile group should be OCRed
  • Better backlog reporting (explicitly display page usage in past year, recommended license size)
  • Ability to report on backlog progress for each profile group
  • Streamlined installation (Client ID and Partner ID data entry eliminated)
  • Page count will now reset on customer’s anniversary date, not January 1
  • User interface overhaul with consistent page layout and links to online knowledge books
  • Consistent heartbeat error/warning reporting

To begin using the new software version, please click here for the update instructions.

If you run into issues applying the update, or you have questions, please request assistance via our support site at: http://support.trumpetinc.com .


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