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Symphony OCR's "Dashboard" - Managing Symphony OCR

Symphony OCR provides users and system administrators an easy to use "dashboard" view allowing users to manage the system condition of Symphony OCR, view a quick overview of OCR current & historical progress and many more items. Below we've highlighted the most common features for Symphony OCR's dashboard.

How to Access Symphony OCR

Symphony OCR is typically installed on the indexer workstation and users can access the software directly on that workstation. Alternatively, (we understand that many folks don't have access to this particular workstation for security purposes) Symphony OCR can be accessed from the web browser of any workstation connected to the network by typing in the address found in the web browser in which Symphony OCR runs.

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You may wish to bookmark this site so that you can quickly access the site.


Summary Page

Symphony OCR's Summary Page is the main screen for Symphony OCR and it provides you with a dashboard view of several items:

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A. Graph - this is graphic shows the number of pages that have been processed, the number of pages pending processing and a timeline to show when those documents were originally saved to the document repository.
B. License Info - tells you the remaining processing capacity (the number of pages available in your license and when it renews), how many new pages were added to the document repository in the past year and the recommended processing capacity based on historical analysis.
C. Statistics - tells you how many documents are pending analysis, how many documents are pending OCR in addition. The section "Current OCR throughput" tells you how long it takes Symphony OCR to process a page and does some calculations to determine the estimated time to OCR the backlog. Finally, this section of the Summary page tells you when the last document was OCRed.


Search Summary for Worldox Profile Groups

The search summary provides a list of profile groups and the number of documents and pages within that profile group. This is a more detailed list than you may see in the Summary screen above. To access the Search Summary for Worldox Profile Groups, select "Worldox" in the navigation panel on the left. This will present you with a list of profile groups that Worldox is processing. In addition, you'll see a link to View Processing page count for each profile group.

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Selecting that link will show you the number of documents and the number of pages in each profile group along with the percentage of completion of each of them. You will also see a total number of pages that have been processed, and the percentage of completion for all profile groups at the bottom of the list.

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If you select any of the profile groups, Symphony OCR will present you with a list of documents that are in the "Processing" list filtered by the profile group you have selected. From this list, you can re-prioritize a single document or sets of documents.


Read Only Summary Screens

If you want to provide your clients with a view to this particular screen without providing them with the full access (the ability to manipulate lists of files), select the "Show basic version" link at the bottom of the page.

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This will provide you with the same view above, but without the hyperlinks. You can then copy and paste that URL into your client's browser and save as a favorite so they may view the progress of Symphony OCR at any time.


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