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Employee Spotlight: Will Stagl

We are excited to announce a new aspect of our Trumpet Life series: employee spotlights! This series is a chance for our readers and clients to become more familiar with the people on the other side of the phone and computer screen.

We feel it's important to showcase and appreciate our Trumpet family, not only with internal celebrations, but also with you, in order to get to know us better.

So without further ado, let us introduce you to Will Stagl!

Will_Stagl-066082-edited.jpgWill is our token Tucsonan, commuting up to Phoenix every Monday and Tuesday. Outside of work, Will has an artistic personal life.

For example, he recently played the role of a parole officer during the Old Pueblo Playwrights Annual New Play Festival (try saying that five times fast). He's also the bass player in a band, The Liquid Centers, who just produced their first single! If you ask him nicely, he may even give you a copy.

A fan of Jack Vance, Will is multiple chapters into a science fiction novel, based on one of Vance's short stories.

When he's not exercising his artistic muscles, he's often hanging out with his 6-year-old daughter, Violet, playing mini golf or finding the best puddles to jump over after a rainfall.

Finally, Will celebrated his 21st wedding anniversary to his wonderful wife, Susan, last Friday (March 10). 

Keep reading to learn some fun facts about Will!

Animal I would choose to be: A Tardigrade (water bears) because they are immortal and can live in just about any conditions


Favorite movie quote: "Tears in the rain" monologue from Bladerunner.



Superpower I would like: Mind control

Skill I would like to learn: Lock picking

What I miss about being a kid: Not walking around with keys and a wallet

Dream career: I would love to own a video game company

What superhero I resemble: The Tick

How I help people enjoy the way they work: I like to find humor in things


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Liz Levenson

Liz Levenson

Before joining Trumpet, Liz was a co-owner of a small inbound marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona. She loves creating marketing processes that allow marketers to take out the guesswork and focus on creative campaigns and a great customer experience. Her 4 years as a marketer has taught her that marketing is no longer a sales tool for the company: it is an education tool for customers. In her free time, Liz is either travelling or dreaming about travelling. She also enjoys cooking, playing board games with friends, playing her ukulele, spending time with her nieces, and lovingly harassing her cat, Holly.