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Calculations to help plan a big scanning project

Have a filing room full of paper that you are itching to get rid of? Without question, Symphony Profiler will dramatically optimize this process - but it's nice to get a feel for how much paper you actually have, and how much disk storage is going to be required as a result of finally going completely paperless. Over the years, we've accumulated quite a bit of data about scanned documents and thought it would be helpful if we presented some key metrics that can help you with planning a big scanning project:

How many pages are there?

  • Standard file box: 2,500 pages
  • Banker box: 5,000 pages
  • Vertical file cabinet: 4,000 pages/drawer
  • Lateral file cabinet: 6,000 pages/drawer

How much disk space per page?

  • Scanned black and white pages are typically between 60 and 100 KB per page
  • Grayscale and color scans can be substantially larger because compression algorithms aren't as effective. Unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise, we recommend scanning black and white.



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