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Assemblage now offers deeper integration with Junxure's ClientView Live portal

The latest version of Trumpet's Assemblage™ service now supports integration with Junxure's ClientView Live expiration date feature. This make the process of using Assemblage to upload client files to ClientView Live even more streamlined!

ClientView Live provides the option to set an expiration date on the files that a user uploads. For example, if an advisory firm would like to publish a client's Quarterly Report, but only wants the report to be accessible to the client for the next 90 days, the advisory firm would specify an expiration date of 90 days from today.

Now, for firms that use Assemblage to automatically publish their client reports to ClientView Live, they can specify an expiration date as part of the Assemblage upload process. This saves the user time when uploading their client files to ClientView Live.

Here's what the ClientView Submitter screen within Assemblage looks like:










If you are an existing Assemblage / ClientView Live user and would like to request this latest version, just shoot an email to support@trumpetinc.com.

For more information on Trumpet's Assemblage service, please visit http://trumpetinc.com/software-assemblage.jsp


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