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The Efficiency Beat

Read the latest advice about document management, workflow efficiency, how to get the most out of our solutions, and what’s going on behind the scenes at Trumpet.

Change Management with Document Management Software

Change - it’s a word that can almost always elicit groans from even the most steadfast of teams. In the day-to-day of a busy law practice making...

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Change Management with Document Management Software

Why It's Important to Use OCR to Make PDFs Work for YOU

A PDF, or a portable document format, is as common an office document type as a Word or Excel document. But did you know there are different types...

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2017 Financial Advisory Fees Report from Inside Information

The long-awaited fees survey report is here. Bob Veres of Inside Information has compiled valuable information on how advisory firms are pricing...

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How to Make Cybersecurity Everyone’s Favorite Lunch & Learn

You need to conduct a cybersecurity training session… Can you hear the groans already? Here are a few ideas to make your cybersecurity session...

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Creating a Culture to Support Technology Adoption

In today’s fast-paced business world, keeping up with changes in technology is incredibly important - with new technology, you can create a more...

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3 Strategies for Effective Document Management Training

“Processes break in two ways. They break because they don’t have the right checks and balances and because they don’t have the right execution.” -

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Is Your Firm's 'Technology Brand' Hurting Employee Retention?

One of the most memorable presentations I’ve ever seen was about “relationship math.”

During her presentation, the sociologist brought out a large...

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Technology Training for Law Firms: Most Common Mistakes

“Job training empowers people to realize their dreams and improve their lives.” - Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Former U.S. Secretary of Health and...

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SEC Cybersecurity Audit: What You Should Know

At a Schwab IMPACT conference panel on SEC cybersecurity audits, two panelists, Trevor Hicks, Director of Technology of Wetherby Asset Management...

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Employee Spotlight: Will Stagl

We are excited to announce a new aspect of our Trumpet Life series: employee spotlights! This series is a chance for our readers and clients to...

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