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The Efficiency Beat

Read the latest advice about document management, workflow efficiency, how to get the most out of our solutions, and what’s going on behind the scenes at Trumpet.

Planning Your Cybersecurity Training in 9 Simple Steps

Cybersecurity is a hot topic these days - data breaches at large companies, such as Target (a few years ago) and Yahoo Mail (twice), have become...

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Planning Your Cybersecurity Training in 9 Simple Steps

Getting Buy-In for DMS, Part 4: Using Before & After Use Cases

The popular HGTV show Property Brothers, where twins Jonathan and Drew Scott make over fixer upper homes into families’ dream homes, is one the ...

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Getting Buy-In for DMS, Part 3: Improving Client Experience

When asking a business owner to write a check, they pay for solutions where you can show a dramatic impact on time or money.  Help them improve...

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Getting Buy-In for DMS, Part 2: Aligning Priorities

Previously, I wrote about the importance of understanding the business owner's operating priorities in order to see how your document management...

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Getting Buy-In for DMS, Part 1: Learning Your Boss' Priorities

Why do operations managers fail to get the greenlight on technology projects?

You've got a technology project that would clearly be beneficial to...

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Employee Spotlight: Shannon Bickmore

If you're a client of Trumpet, chances are, you've worked with Shannon before and feel, like we do, what a blessing it is to have her on the team....

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Should I Hire Based on Skills or Culture Fit with My Law Firm?

Many employers today would argue that you should (almost) always hire based on the candidate's cultural fit rather than their skills. However,...

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Law Firm Profitability: Top Time Wasters And Ways to Avoid Them

If you visit most any law firm, or any workplace for that matter, you’re likely to notice activities or processes taking place that waste time. No...

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Multitasking is a Myth: Major Tips and More for the Busy IT Pro

As a busy, in-demand IT professional, you may you pride yourself on your multitasking skills. If you’ve been in the field for a while, it may feel...

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Employee Spotlight: Carin Mehling

This month (in honor of her birthday), we're celebrating Carin Mehling, Trumpet's beloved bookkeeper. While Carin does a lot of very important...

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