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Announcing: Launch Worldox® Cloud document searches from Salesforce

iframe_integration_announcement.jpgAs cloud-based services are becoming more ubiquitous, RIAs are including cloud-based document management in their evaluation of cloud-based contact management systems. Trumpet, Inc, and Concenter Services are no strangers to this trend.

“Firms that are searching for robust CRM such as Salesforce, likewise express a real need for robust document management like Worldox Cloud,” states Jo Day, Trumpet co-founder. 

That’s why Concenter Services and Trumpet have launched a new iframe integration between XLR8 for Salesforce and Worldox Cloud.

“Essentially, because CRM is the driver of all things client service related, it makes perfect sense for RIAs to launch document searches out of Salesforce. Our clients treat XLR8 for Salesforce as the hub for managing their business, and we continually provide key integrations with robust applications like Worldox Cloud,” states Mary Ferguson, co-founder of Concenter Services.

This integration allows a financial advisor to view and access Worldox records from within Salesforce. That means time-saving convenience when they are working in Salesforce without having to switch programs.

Now every employee will have access to all their client’s documents from within each corresponding Salesforce record as shown below:


“The great thing about Worldox Cloud,” Ferguson adds, “is RIAs can now have the best of both worlds – compliant document management that appears within the XLR8 for Salesforce application.”

Plus, Worldox Cloud is intuitive and RIA employees get security and mobility coupled with ease of use.

If you are attending Insider’s Forum this week in San Diego, please visit the Trumpet and Concenter booths to learn more; or, visit our FAQs to learn more about this new integration. 

If you’re not on cloud-based software systems now, it’s time to modernize your practice. It’s time to look at XLR8 for Salesforce with Worldox Cloud. Reach out to Concenter Services via info@concenterservices.com or Trumpet via sales@trumpetinc.com for more information and a comprehensive demo.

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Jo Day

Jo Day

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